There is a lot of work ahead, with lots of challenges and positive opportunities! We hope we can work with you to consider each species and individual animal to develop high quality care and welfare programs. We are just beginning to map out, research and develop the materials, protocols and research projects.

We plan to produce materials for staff training, and frameworks to answer questions with regards to animal welfare, focusing not only on input of information or resources but importantly also focusing on animal welfare outcome assessment criteria. There are so many questions we can ask with regards to how animals live in the wild compared to captivity, considering their social life, environmental complexity, foraging strategies, or important life events. We also need to determine the adequacy of space, food, social structure, or other input based resources we provide for animals in captivity, are indeed resulting in satisfying the needs and wants of animals, resulting in their positive welfare.

Interactive workshops are being developed. Watch this page for more information soon!