Just as with day and night, there can be considerable differences in the weather across seasons that the animals may not be naturally adapted to. The quality of the housing facilities, both indoor and outdoor areas play a critical role in determining opportunities for good welfare. The wide variety of species of different taxonomic groups which are housed in zoos, wildlife centers, research facilities and as companion animals in people's homes will likely have different opportunities throughout the seasons. For example, many exotic animals, animals who are sensitive to for example low temperatures, might actually find themselves indoor as many months of the year due to harsh weather conditions in the host country.

There are also variations across the week, such as weekend/weekday, visitor numbers and staff presence. Often we can also expect variation across the year, like holidays or periods where parks are open or closed. We can also think about the different activities that can vary, like presentations, outreach programs or other interactive programs or walk-through areas.

How do we ensure the best quality of care, with choice and control for animals throughout the year?